Judith Hill Astrology News

Judith Hill Astrology News

January 2016 News

Astrological "Prediction" - Is it Possible?

FutureAstrologers are often conscripted to "predict" the year. Is this possible?  Is this what we really do?

To exactly predict the detailed specifics of anything is more of a psychic act than an astrological fact. For instance, a trained astrologer can state with competence that it is fine
weather for meeting a new romantic partner. Then, provided one's age, social status and cultural milieu agree, this observation be correct. However, this same aspect occurring in the chart of a 90-year-old might bring some flowers, or perhaps an affectionate kitten.

I recall with amusement how much I anticipated an arriving conjunction of Venus, planet of love.

The appointed day came and went with no particular sign of a romantic encounter. Walking in a field, I was startled by a puppy running towards me at great speed from a distance. He had fallen in love! He jumped into my arms and would not cease kissing me until his bewildered owner pulled him away! This demonstrated how planetary aspects take many possible courses, and well, astrologers don't know everything!

October 2015 News

Virgo Trio and the Lunar Eclipse in Aries

VirgoI wonder how many of you have experienced the recent upswing in Virgo activities described in the last newsletter. Suddenly, as if by magic, many friends and clients (myself included) were engulfed by necessities requiring roofing, cleaning, fixing, and other maintenance demands far more then in a normal year. So, despite passing through the pleasant Libra season, most of us are rushing around taking care of the business of serviceable Virgo as shown by the triple tenancy of Jupiter, Venus and Mars in this highly useful sign.

We are also still in the waves of the total Lunar eclipse in Aries that occurred on Sunday, Sept 27th at 7:50pm, Pacific Time.

Many reported startlingly sudden, newsworthy events, decisions and accidents of a flammable nature, both good and bad. Early Libra and Aries persons were especially influenced, followed by those born in early Cancer and Capricorn.

Normally, we have sudden, flammable events within three months of an Aries eclipse. These have a general meaning for the world, and a specific meaning for you, depending on the house and planet in your natal the eclipse most strongly influenced. My popular book Eclipses and You, provides essential detail about all aspects of Aries eclipses (including medical) and also defines the life areas most influenced for your sign personally. It is available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

September 2015 News

Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Eclipse in Virgo!

Fall HarvestAll you planet-curious folks should note that we have quite the fall line up in Virgo, sign of health, service and much more.

A North Node "positive pole" solar eclipse occurs in Virgo in on September 12th (Pacific Time); followed by the Virgo ingress of Mars on Sept 24th; Venus' entry of Virgo on Oct 8th; and the Lunar North Node's transit to Virgo on November 12th. What makes all this so significant is that they all join forces with Jupiter, a "Chronocrat" who already entered Virgo back on August 11th! 
So what will it mean for you? For the world?  Briefly...

Whatever astrological house you have under the sign of Virgo will be emphasized for almost a year, but most strongly between Sept 12th and December 12. Virgo indicates service, practical matters, healing, farming, fixing, cleaning and real estate improvements. So, for example, if your astrological 3rd house of writings is under Virgo, you may find yourself editing. Or perhaps helping siblings, or working with neighbors, because the 3rd house governs these matters too!

August 2015 News

The Great Jupiter-Venus Conjunction - So What Happened?

Venus Jupiter Conjunction 2015Did you enjoy the immense beauty and brightness of Venus and Jupiter as they traveled so close together through the night sky from late June through mid August? These two "Benefics" joined by close conjunction in tropical Leo on July 1 at 0:51 am Pacific Time and again on August 4th at 2:47 pm. Venus also crossed the face of the Sun on June 5th at her inferior conjunction, an event that won't happen again for 100 years! She is closest to earth in her trajectory through the ecliptic.

One might think - if astrology "works" - that some Venus event of significant proportion must have occurred on earth coincident with such potent Venusian energy. The events would have to be of a Venusian plus Jupiterian in nature. Venus rules love. Jupiter rules justice and generosity. Jupiter's expansive, happy influence is known to be forgiving and liberal. Soooo.... what happened in this seemingly endless world of woe? Our news has been far from Venusian! Or has it?

On June 26th, The Supreme Court of the United States rules that Gay Marriage is legal throughout the realm!  Venus plus Jupiter delivered a full hat. There could not have been a more liberal "love event," nor one of larger impact! 

July 2015 News

Welcome to my enews update, with personal news, products available, astrological feasts, etc.

NORWAC 2015 was a wonderful experience and I had the time of my life. The desk clerk said that the conference booked almost every room at the hotel! My two talks were exceptionally well received, exceeding capacity.

The second talk I gave: "The Astrology of Mental Illness" was based on content and research for my upcoming book on this subject. However, for  those who are eager, there is a fascinating audio now available in my audio shop by the same name. Don't forget to use the sale coupon below to save 20%! Astrology is one of the oldest and most thorough systems of psychology. However, it is much more - functioning on all levels from spiritual to physical.

CARRYING THE LIGHT: My personal NORWAC "mind blows" were Demetra George and Rob Hand. Both presented material on ancient astrology so vital to maintain in the flood of new ideas and astronomical discoveries. Please note my tirade on this subject below! It was also wonderful to meet medically oriented astrologers like naturopath Kira Sullivan out of Canada and Stephanie Gailing, accomplished herbalist and astrologer. It's high time we bring back the tradition of Renaissance Medicine, whose bed rock was a combination of high mastery in both herbal medicine and astrology.

Let's be honest. We don't know. 

But woops - some writers have already rushed to announce both Sedna's and Eris' soon now to become "traditional" meanings based only on one person's exclusive interpretation of their names! Please, please, please do not just accept these new meanings because someone said so; or one new book came out defining the meanings of the newbie. Test their ideas and keep an inquiring approach.

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