Medical Astrology Course

Medical Astrology Course


Learn Medical AstrologyThe Renaissance School of Practical Astrology ™ presents this twelve part medical astrology course which is IS NOW AVAILABLE. Students can begin anytime they wish and proceed at their own pace.

Students will be required to obtain a handful of essential texts, to complete fascinating homework assignments, and to test themselves, in preparation for a chart analysis to be completed at closure. Students will be working in Classical Western Astrology: Ancient Greek, Renaissance and modern techniques with input from the Vedic system of gem remedials (“Upaye”). Certification available on completion.


This course, developed by the accomplished medical astrologer Judith Hill, is designed for the independent student whose aim is to acquire a useful foundation in the science and art of reading the Planetary Health Chart.

The ideal student for this course possesses adequate mental focus and stability, loves to study, has good memorization skill, is capable of self-test, and willing to devote at least two hours weekly to reading and thinking about Medical Astrology.

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Disclaimer: This Module and all information contained within is presented exclusively for historical interest and study purposes, and not for medical use. If you suffer a medical complaint, please consult your licensed medical practitioner or physician. The same caveat attends to all 12 Modules in this course, Medical Astrology 101.


  • Be able to recognize the astrological symbols for the planets, lunar nodes and the twelve signs.
  • Be familiar with the twelve houses and their general meaning.
  • The last two modules require that you know the difference between a birth chart and a current transit to the birth chart, i.e. “what is a transit?”.
  • The last two modules will be easier for students who already know how to read and use a basic ephemeris for daily planetary positions.
  • A solid knowledge of beginning astrology is required to understand this material. Intermediate astrologers will of course, perform best, but a dedicated and intelligent beginning student may follow the lesson plan well if they will put in focused time and supplement their learning with additional basic astrology materials.

Course Texts

Please purchase your books from
The Astrological Body Types is available exclusively through our website until March 2011. After that time, it will also be available through

Mandatory textbooks for this course:

Highly Recommended Supplementary Texts


WHERE TO OBTAIN YOUR TEXTS: carries all books (except Judith's The Astrological Body Types) and can speedily ship your Required Text package.

Total cost of all combined essential texts will range between $74-$125.
Save money with used texts on websites like Indie Bound.
Students enrolled in the course may purchase Judith's textbooks directly from us at a 10% discount. Please contact us if you'd like to take advantage of this offer.

The best students start chart collections. Students are encouraged to have at least three charts in their collection at course onset (your own chart counts). Anyone you know who is willing to provide you with their sacred birth data becomes your case study. This is the best possible way to learn medical astrology. For each lesson, compare the planet or element studied with its placement in the chart of your own chart samples.

Collect, collect, collect! There are also published chart collections of famous persons that are useful if you have access to their health history or cause of death.
Suggested Collections: Lois Rodden’s The American Book of Charts, and Max Heindel’s Astro-Diagnosis. AstroDataBank is also a great resource for chart data online.

Study Options Through Individual Modules

Students who do not intend to take the entire course in a linear fashion are welcome to download individual modules. The fee for individual modules does not include final exams. However the final exam certification may be purchased separately upon completion of all modules in the program.


Students who wish to pursue a final exam and certificate of completion may opt to do so.

The final exam consists of two parts: A written exam and a sample chart analysis.

The standard written test includes “yes”, “no” and “either-or” sections. For the second part of the test, the student is required to submit an analysis of a Planetary Health Chart (natal chart viewed medically). The instructor will read and critique your analysis. This opportunity is of great value to the student who wishes to aquire a high level of skill.

Students who pass their test at the level of 80% or above, and whom submit an adequate analysis of a Planetary Health Chart will receive a Certificate of Completion for “Medical Astrology 101”, under the tutelage of Judith Hill.

The occassional student may be required to resubmit a test or analysis.


Complete Twelve module course (not including textbooks): $300
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Final Exam Fee (optional): $150

Alternately You May Purchase Individual Modules Separately (no final exams, not including text books): $30 each

Complete Course Module Descriptions

These modules make up the complete course. You can purchase all 12 together, or purchase each one separately.

MODULE 1: The Sun and Our Vital Force
The Twelve Signs and their twelve types of "chi" or vital force will be extensively covered in this section and much more! How to discern vitality type and quantity. How to assess the Sun's strength.

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MODULE 2: The Moon, Distributor of Vital Force
The Moon's effect upon the flow of an individual's vital force and also on the daily flow of the cosmic vital force. Learn to use a Lunar diary, health and timing tips for all twelve signs, much more.

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MODULE 3: Mars and Saturn: The "Malefics" or "Bad Guys"
The source of disease, temperature extremes, how to assess the action of these planets, effects on metabolism, chronic vs. acute, good points, rulerships, signs, much more.

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MODULE 4: Venus and Jupiter: The "Benefics" or "Good Guys"
Growth and pleasantry, always good? Learn to recognize troubled Benefics in the chart and through the signs, houses. Also, the Venusian and Jupiterian diseases and rulerships.

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MODULE 5: Mercury and Uranus: Electricity, and the Nerves
The mind, the nerves, the mental and electrical illnesses, extremes, imbalance.

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MODULE 6: Neptune and Pluto: Strange Influences
Entropy, pranic leaks, spirit problems, emotional extremes, magnetism, more.

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MODULE 7: The Lunar Nodes: Entry and Exit Portals of Cosmic Energy
The Most Important Things That Every Medical Astrologer Needs to Know!

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MODULE 8: The Four Elements and Three Modes in Traditional Medical Astrology
Four Densities and Types of Matter and Three Rates of Matter in Motion.

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MODULE 9: Excesses and Deficiencies of the Four Elements
Learn to define an elemental imbalance. Antidotes for both excess and deficiency of all four elements.

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MODULE 10: Let's Read Charts!
We will interpret a hypothetical Planetary Health Chart together. Take your first steps.

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MODULE 11: Antidotes for Planetary Pathologies in the Birth Map

What Every Renaissance Physician Needed to Know.
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MODULE 12: The Transits of Health
Beginning transit work. We will use some of the more important health transits.

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The final exam consists of two parts: A written exam and a sample chart analysis.

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Additional notes: Allow 4-8 hours for each module. You may expect to take 12-24 weeks to complete the program. Students have up to one year to complete the final exam for certification.

Refund Policy

Due to the digital nature and instant delivery of this material, we can allow no refunds or exchanges on the course once purchased.

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