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Judith Hill Astrology News

Saturn in Capricorn

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Currently, Saturn sojourns though the last few degrees of Sagittarius, (one might say the “horse’s tail”, and perhaps the most restless, roaming few-degree zone of the zodiac. If any of you find yourselves currently betwixt and between, the upcoming change to Capricorn could be helpful. This is because the inclination of Saturn in Capricorn is to banish indecision and get marching in a steady, firm direction toward defined goals.

Saturn’s “ingress” to the first degree of Capricorn commences on Dec 19th at 8:48 pm (Pacific Time), joined by the Sun on Dec 21st at 8:29 am and Venus on Dec 24th at 9:26 pm. 0˚ Capricorn is not only the the winter solstice point, but is best known in mundane astrology as “the world axis”, being one of the most impactful degrees on world governments and events. What does that mean? It sounds important, and it is - look around - we are achieving a critical mass on earth in almost every arena.

Saturn will remain until approximately March 21st, 2020, bringing periods of variant character dependent on fellow ‘chronocrat’ Jupiter’s sign, the sign of the eclipses, etc.

Jupiter in Scorpio

umbrellaJupiter Has Commenced His Scorpio Year
(October 10th, 2017- November 8th, 2018)

Shortly after Jupiter’s Scorpio ingress, golfball sized hail stones fell for minutes here in Portland, signaling the new emphasis Scorpio, sign of ice. After all, Scorpio is a “fixed water” sign, and what is more suggestive of ice then “fixed water?”

What are some other ways this planet might manifest its distinctive energy?

Jupiter’s energy is: expansive, whirling, growing, “too much”, lucky, fortunate, fattening, stormy, powerful, generous, benevolent, charitable. Just think “lots” of Scorpio energy, and “lots” of energy to Scorpio-related industries, health issues, etc. (as given below). This can be really great in some arenas, and in others, too much. For instance, a big scoop of ice cream is a dream but too much ice on your roof is dangerous!


(Note: This is by no means a complete picture of the year’s planetary influences. I’m focusing mostly on Jupiter in Scorpio because it's so important!)

Jupiter was known as one of two “Chronocrats,” or keepers of time, the other planet being Saturn. The sign Jupiter transits through is essential!

Weather: I’ve warned my clients all year to expect lots of water this fall and winter and prepare for extra floods, ice, snow hail, mudslides. Already, we've witnessed record rain! Protect your trees. If your home is vulnerable to floods, make sure you have a working pump, boots, etc.

Fixed water can also symboliz toxic water. Be on high alert for all problems with toxic water or problems caused by same (mildew, contamination, sewage etc.).

A 2017 Post-Eclipse Report


EclipseDoes astrology work? So then, what has just occurred across “the path of totality” of the August 21st total Solar Eclipse in the hottest of all signs (Leo),  also conjunct the fiery planet Mars? This particular eclipse was of interest to me because I live in its path! In fact, I was a killjoy - remaining inside, blinds drawn, per tradition. First, let’s check what my book  "Eclipses and You" had to say: "Leo Eclipses", page 58:

“…Energy builds intensely, think of an oven, and can be explosive…”.  

“…Power surges and outages may occur in any or all matters related to kings, dictator…nuclear power, fuels, fire…”

From “Cautions”, page 59: “…a spell of super-hot weather or drought is typical. Do all you can to prevent fires”.

From page 130: See section on what happens when Mars crosses the degree of any eclipse.
“…destruction, heat, firemen, metals, invasion, deaths…speed, police, fighters…wild animals…"

From page 58 “…Eclipses in this sign are warm”,  and page 59 “…check ovens and kilns for extra pressure building up and stay tuned to news regarding nuclear power plants. Avoid radiation, heat, too much Sun…”, and  “…this hot, dry eclipse…"

Mars exactly crossed the 28-29˚ of Leo (the Eclipse degree)  the very day the historically huge fire
literally exploded with an audible “bang"  in Oregon’s famous Columbia Gorge, immediately charring 3,000 acres as of Sept 3, with “0” containment as I write. 

So, was The News fiery?: 

  • The whole Oregon region from Eagle Creek to Pendleton area was hit with world-class fires. Portland smelled like a barbecue, and the sky was covered with a thick haze over vast regions following the exact path of the eclipse through Oregon. Hundreds of fire fighters are converging on the region, all rescue forces organized and fantastic quantities of retardant are being dropped on this pristine mountain area. Wild life and humans are in flight.
  • The whole region (above) is enjoying a record heat wave, much exacerbating the problem.
  • North Korea releases nuclear underground test, creating a sizable earthquake, also firing a threatening missile over Japanese skies.

Personally, I wish the book was not accurate. All of this is quite horrible. However, you can see now how useful this foreknowledge can be!

One need not wonder why the builders of Stonehenge in England (that giant stone eclipse-predicting computer), went to all that trouble!

There is considerably more information in this book, including the expected timeline of effect - being both immediate effects of long duration, or effects that can crop up throughout a one-year (or even two-year) period each time the eclipse is “triggered” .

Leo eclipses also cause stock markets to swing way up or down within one year of their occurrence. I’m expecting same between now and February.

Fuels and their cost are severely impacted (oil).

Note: I’ve no idea how the Leo eclipse relates to the Houston flood! Eclipses can (and do) signal all manner of extreme weather. However, the obvious watery nature of the Houston event is unlike the hot, fiery Leo Eclipse. Perhaps an astro-meteorologist can fill in the blanks.

August 2016 News

360 degrees Summer Greetings to All,,

Finally some good news for those of you who follow my work who also enjoy online conferences! You can now hear me in interview online next month at the September 19th Astrology Hub's Summit!
My 60 minute interview  is entitled: "Medical Astrology, Why Is It So Useful?, was conducted by Amanda "Pua" Walsh, co-founder of The Astrology Hub. Here is the link! Please share it with friends who might enjoy this subject or other astrological topics. (There are many speakers participating in this several day online Summit event.) I believe the link will also remain open after the free, live event, with option to purchase. The talk will begin airing  on September 19th, 2016 at about 9AM Eastern/6AM Pacific time,and remain free for 24 hours. It will remain up after that point with option to purchase the Astrology Hub Summit conference event. Please use this link!

My simple, direct interview is designed to enhance your understanding and appreciation of this amazing "lost" tool, kept alive through the centuries by small numbers of intrepid physicians and dedicated astrologers. There must have been a reason for that! Listen and find out.

July 2016 News

horoscopeHello Everyone,

Wishing you a restful and beautiful summer. Below is a fascinating short article for those who have interest in establishing the validity of astrology. I’ve been devoting myself to writing projects, hoping to release a new book in due time.

READINGS: Please note that I am now booking readings for new clients in November and January. Return clients and emergencies can book earlier (provided I have space). However, Portland area residents only, can book summer readings by contacting New Renaissance Bookshop at 503-224-4929.

NEW AUDIO: “Medical Astrology, Herbs and the Medical System of Old Europe”
Available in my audio shop soon. This is a fascinating overview of the lost medical system of Europe equal in complexity to those of China and India.

The AstroSummit: Sept 19th-25th. Please tune in for my interview: “Why is Medical Astrology so Useful?” The exact date and time will be posted in dedicated emails in Aug and Sept.

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