August 2015 News

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August 2015 News

The Great Jupiter-Venus Conjunction - So What Happened?

Venus Jupiter Conjunction 2015Did you enjoy the immense beauty and brightness of Venus and Jupiter as they traveled so close together through the night sky from late June through mid August? These two "Benefics" joined by close conjunction in tropical Leo on July 1 at 0:51 am Pacific Time and again on August 4th at 2:47 pm. Venus also crossed the face of the Sun on June 5th at her inferior conjunction, an event that won't happen again for 100 years! She is closest to earth in her trajectory through the ecliptic.

One might think - if astrology "works" - that some Venus event of significant proportion must have occurred on earth coincident with such potent Venusian energy. The events would have to be of a Venusian plus Jupiterian in nature. Venus rules love. Jupiter rules justice and generosity. Jupiter's expansive, happy influence is known to be forgiving and liberal. Soooo.... what happened in this seemingly endless world of woe? Our news has been far from Venusian! Or has it?

On June 26th, The Supreme Court of the United States rules that Gay Marriage is legal throughout the realm!  Venus plus Jupiter delivered a full hat. There could not have been a more liberal "love event," nor one of larger impact! 

Venus and Jupiter influence us on all levels from spiritual to physical. I've noticed some large Venus-Jupiter events in the charts of many clients. However, as Venus and Jupiter joined, malefic Saturn stationed (sat still), and "squared" them from 90 degrees, precisely from the tail of the stinger in Scorpio! The great good promised has an equal frustration, or meets the bitterness suggested. Some have had to wait for a massive obstacle to clear before obtaining a promised opportunity or fortune.

It appeared to some that they must sit in front of a cake they could not eat! The bright promise of Venus and Jupiter must balance with Saturnian obstructions, politics, and caution. Wisdom must temper joy. 

On a personal note...
This year, I've turned my attention and pen to the Renaissance paradigm of psychiatric disorders and how English "Astrological Physician" Joseph Blagrave effected such brilliant cures for those with epileptic "fits" and other symptoms that today might be diagnosed as schizophrenia or autism. Currently, I'm working up some findings and these should be available to you within due time. His diary, edited and republished by Dave Roell and Astrological Classics is my current favorite read. It is important to excite interest in a revisitation of Renaissance Medicine.

And on that note...
THE LOST SECRETS OF RENAISSANCE MEDICINE 3  will be held Saturday and Sunday, April 30th and May 1st, 2016. Please reserve May Day for this fabulous event starring Matthew Wood, Judith Hill, Sajah Popham, Scott Kloos. The 2014 conference recording is available in the audio shop. The 2015 event is not available.

For those of you whom have not discovered my audio shop treats, may I recommend
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All the best. Next month, I'll write about the meanings of the near "stellium" coming into Virgo

Best to All,
Judith Hill