September 2015 News

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September 2015 News

Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Eclipse in Virgo!

Fall HarvestAll you planet-curious folks should note that we have quite the fall line up in Virgo, sign of health, service and much more.

A North Node "positive pole" solar eclipse occurs in Virgo in on September 12th (Pacific Time); followed by the Virgo ingress of Mars on Sept 24th; Venus' entry of Virgo on Oct 8th; and the Lunar North Node's transit to Virgo on November 12th. What makes all this so significant is that they all join forces with Jupiter, a "Chronocrat" who already entered Virgo back on August 11th! 
So what will it mean for you? For the world?  Briefly...

Whatever astrological house you have under the sign of Virgo will be emphasized for almost a year, but most strongly between Sept 12th and December 12. Virgo indicates service, practical matters, healing, farming, fixing, cleaning and real estate improvements. So, for example, if your astrological 3rd house of writings is under Virgo, you may find yourself editing. Or perhaps helping siblings, or working with neighbors, because the 3rd house governs these matters too!


Agriculture, grains, workers, jobs, nursing, health services, clothing, small animal and poultry farms, servants, supplies, administrative services, efficient functioning, industry, real estate development  (now booming!), supplies and future preparation, and the army are just a few of the Virgo-associated items that may feel the surge. Virgo is a dry sign, so we only hope that this large build up will not prevent the needed rains from falling on drought torn regions. It is likely that the cooperative "backyard farming" movement will explode. Social and medical services will be either expanding, or stressed to the breaking point in many nations.

The agricultural behemoths may grow larger still, with a special emphasis on grain yield  (traditionally ruled by Virgo). Remember when Saturn and South Node eclipses in Virgo coincided with my predicted world decline of grain stores? It will be interesting to see what now happens with Jupiter and the North Node in this same sign! Perhaps a new grain will enter the scene. We may see yield surges or maybe a large increase in GMO-produced crops. Conversely, organic farms may expand. Virgo influences bees. Will they come back? Or will this surge be baneful? Farm aid may become more available, as may farm buy-outs.

We might expect some benefits for workers (increased minimum wage, etc.), new health and nursing systems, job increases.  The popularity of herbal medicine, medical astrology and traditional health systems will surge again. Remember to mark your calendars for our third Lost Secrets of Renaissance Medicine Conference on April 30th-May 1, 2016.


This Virgo influence strongly encourages the planting of fruit and nut trees, and drought resistant crops. We will certainly need them in the years ahead (especially in 2019-20)!  We should see new agricultural developments and a big impact on the grain supplies and farming this year.  Obviously, we are now seeing a recent building boom with its consequential damage to trees, comfortable population, (and dearest to my heart, our city beauty.)

If reversed, architects would take example from the beehive - efficiently serving all members and beautiful too. Virgo has a lot to do with beehives, and all collectives of workers! As our human population increases, lets build beautiful spaces...we all must work to influence our city's choices. Now! Two years from now it will probably be too late. Virgo brings the frantic building boom.

It is a great time to focus on health improvement and immune system strengthening. However, this planetary conjunction suggests to reduce stress upon and assist in the cleansing of Virgo body regions: liver, pancreas, spleen, appendix, intestine. Be alert for changes in blood sugar levels, and avoid liver toxic foods.

Those concerned about Ron Paul's dire economic predictions might read up on advice from Edgar Cayce and Yogananda about the coming times and food shortages. Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo offers a perfect season to PREPARE. That is the essence of Virgo: maintain, perfect, correct and prepare the material world.


Learn astrology while you work with Jupiter in Virgo!

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Note: There are two eclipses in September, so eclipse watchers will enjoy reading interpretive details for individuals and world in this publication.