January 2016 News

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January 2016 News

Astrological "Prediction" - Is it Possible?

FutureAstrologers are often conscripted to "predict" the year. Is this possible?  Is this what we really do?

To exactly predict the detailed specifics of anything is more of a psychic act than an astrological fact. For instance, a trained astrologer can state with competence that it is fine
weather for meeting a new romantic partner. Then, provided one's age, social status and cultural milieu agree, this observation be correct. However, this same aspect occurring in the chart of a 90-year-old might bring some flowers, or perhaps an affectionate kitten.

I recall with amusement how much I anticipated an arriving conjunction of Venus, planet of love.

The appointed day came and went with no particular sign of a romantic encounter. Walking in a field, I was startled by a puppy running towards me at great speed from a distance. He had fallen in love! He jumped into my arms and would not cease kissing me until his bewildered owner pulled him away! This demonstrated how planetary aspects take many possible courses, and well, astrologers don't know everything!

Astrologers realistically do not practice prediction as we think of it, but more of a logistic assessment as in: A + B = C. Obviously, one must know some basic facts about one's client's
life to perform a decent analysis of their upcoming year's planetary pattern, or offer possible outcomes. Some assessments are accurate and detailed in the same way a weather man would say "its finally going to be sunny this weekend, so we can expect heavy traffic to the beach".

This is a logical assessment, and accurate. One can do the same for most of life's arenas. However, life is so complex and forces can combine in unexpected ways. We all know too well how the weatherman errs in his report!

What an astrologer cannot propose to do without psychic intervention is to say "you will meet a widower named John, age 54, with red hair, large feet and four children." Well, some astrologers can and have provided this kind of detail, as nothing is set in stone. Generally though, this is psychism at work. What we astrologers can definitely do is to describe current and upcoming planetary weather and then, fit this description to the circumstance and concerns of our client.

So how does that work? The planetary vibrations are very similar to the weather and can be thought of in much the same way. A good astrologer can describe what kind of weather will be where in your life and for how long. Various outcomes can then be proposed, entirely dependent on the proverbial seeds you have planted in your garden. These proverbial seeds represent plans, desires, and previous karma still active, both positive and negative. The planetary weather brings these seeds to hatch. Sometimes it is roses and other times weeds!

Precisely what plans and karma you have buried in your garden is not always known to your astrologer. One might say we make good, educated guesses. When I read, I am not attempting to "predict" a future event for anyone! Nor do  I consider myself practicing "prediction."

Instead, I am merely describing the weather in the same way as does a weather man, noting the variable potential outcomes. Details provided by the client clarify and qualify the precise trends more specially. For instance if my client Billy has a new dog, and the planetary weather looks hyperactive for dogs, I might warn him to not let the dog run into traffic! However, if Billy were a runner, this same planetary energy would take that course instead, giving his legs more energy! Or both.

In many cases, the near future is as part of the present as is the shadow you cast before you.

Can we purposefully shape and use planetary weather to our intentions? Absolutely. There would be no reason to assess a year for a client if this were not the case!

Medical Astrology Workshop

So many of you have inquired about another Medical Astrology Workshop that I've decided to give one this year in Portland, Oregon.  Program and Tickets here      

Wednesday, May 4th, 11-5pm - "Medical Astrology-Bring Your Chart." We will study the basics with charts on hand. This is a fascinating and fun hands-on approach. The renowned herbalist Matthew Wood MSc. will sit in for at least half this workshop for delectable herbal commentary. We will get to as many charts as time permits. Register

Our "Tongue and Pulse Evaluation with the Astrological Birth Chart" will proceed on Tuesday, May 3rd, 11-5pm
(Matthew Wood will lead this class while I sit back, providing intriguing birth chart commentary.) This rare event shouldn't be missed. It is not often Matthew graces Portland for a hand's on learning experience!) We did this last year and it was a rewarding experience to say the least! Register

2016 Conference

Don't forget "The Lost Secrets of Renaissance Medicine Conference III" April 30th-May 1st.
Four renowned teachers! Herbs, Medical Astrology and Alchemy.  How great is that?
Call me for a package deal for all three events!  Early bird rates are available right now.

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These are grassroots events and I need all the help I can get!