February 2016 News

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February 2016 News

fractalHello Everyone,

For years, folks here and abroad have requested another "Medical Astrology Workshop."

Your wish is granted. Following The Renaissance Medicine Conference (April 30-May1) I'll be presenting a fascinating Medical Astrology Workshop: Wednesday, May 4th, 11am-5pm in Portland, Oregon.

We will put audience and other charts on the board to demonstrate how a Renaissance period Physician might evaluate Mars, Saturn, the South Node and other pertinent factors of historic interest. Please note disclaimer on my Website Program. The world renowned herbalist Matthew Wood will try to attend at least the first half of this event, and provide herbal commentary of interest in conjunction with my chart evaluations. This is a truly rare opportunity and I hope to see you there!

The previous day, on May 3rd , I'll provide the astrological commentary to Matthew Wood's "Tongue and Pulse Evaluation and The Astrological Birth Chart." Both these workshops are ideal for the student seeking to expand their knowledge of ancient medical paradigms. Again, please note disclaimer on website program.  http://www.judithhillastrology.com/post-conference-workshops

REMINDER: Early bird rates are still available for The Renaissance Medicine Conference. We are filling fast and seats are limited!


I've received multiple inquiries from folks whom are concerned about the status of Pluto's influence since his recent demotion from "Planet" status to something other (still under dispute). Its time to reply.

Pluto's observed influence does not change because he is designated to be a "planet," "planetoid," "dwarf planet,"   "rocky ice ball," or "stack of waffles." Astrologers have been monitoring its influence since its discovery in 1930.

Although there is considerable consensus, new observations are still made. We certainly do not know everything about this "body" and have not yet witnessed its passage through almost half the zodiac!

The great physicist Arthur Young, a friend of mine, cited in private conversation that he found Pluto to hold little influence unless positioned within one degree of a natal planet by transit. Then, he would be the dominant influence of the time and super strong.  PHysicist Buryl Payne established through statistical studies that Pluto impacts extreme cold weather on earth.

I've personally discovered that Pluto is obvious at:

  1. Times of life impacting spiritual decisions: e.g. "I will give up smoking", or "I will join the army".
  2. Discoveries of long sunk ships or other items. My adage is: "Neptune conceals and Pluto reveals".
  3. Times in life when we are faced with great evil, or forces of destruction to self or the environment.
  4. Emotional extremes: hot or cold!
  5. Siddhas (unusual powers)
  6. Unusual physical strength when appearing on the ascendant.
  7. It appears that Pluto has much to do with what we call "the spiritual will," as differentiated from "the animal will." Every dog has tremendous will power to get at that juicy steak on the kitchen counter.

However, the spiritual will governs the animal will! Sun, Jupiter and Pluto now come into play.

The upshot is that Pluto's influence, while not yet fully realized, remains a fact, whether or not  we humans accept him as a Planet (or not)!  However, like all the many objects in the Universe, he is not necessary to the elegant system of Classical Western Astrology or India's Jyotish, anymore than new chess pieces are to the long established game of chess. The game, as does classical astrology, retains its own internal rules and harmonious functioning. That being said, Pluto's occasionally profound influence should not be ignored.