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July 2016 News

horoscopeHello Everyone,

Wishing you a restful and beautiful summer. Below is a fascinating short article for those who have interest in establishing the validity of astrology. I’ve been devoting myself to writing projects, hoping to release a new book in due time.

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I’m aghast every time I hear a skeptic blurt out “well...nobody has ever proved astrology works...” The fact is that yes, many scientific, statistical studies have “proved” that astrology works, at least in the corner covered by that particular project. Excellent project have existed since the 1950s. There is even The National Council for Geocosmic Research and similar groups of many decades duration.

My own ten years in the statistical research of astro-seismology and astrogenetics, taught me that projects can be designed that produce results. In reverse, it was obvious that projects designed by skeptics or non-astrologers are designed to fail.

How does that occur? First by gathering a group of self-identified, gullible astrologers with typically no knowledge of research methods necessary to accept their “challenge”, or ascertain if it is rigged against them. This can be corrected by creating stiff requisites for participating astrologers. After all, every astrologer accepting the challenge represents us all should they win or fail. We also should not accept all challenges, and demand honest research designs that provide a fair chance of passing. I’ve established 3 popular tests designs that when applied to astrology, will fail (below).

1) Astrologers tested must be qualified and experienced in the field of astrology being tested (all fields are not the same!)  

I suggest that any astrologer accepting a research challenge have:

a) ten years in active consulting practices; b) five active consulting years in the branch of astrology under “challenge”; e.g. medical; vocational; financial, etc. c) pass an exam to show adequate astrological knowledge and skill.

2) A second, and obvious research pothole works like this: Astrologers are tested not through people and their charts directly (as we actually work!), but through a psychological test filled out previously by test subjects. The problems inherent in this would render any astrologer impotent. Would we agree to interpret an English book through a French text with no mutually agreed exact word meanings? Psychology is a different language! Shouldn’t we astrologers be tested in a manner that we normally work?

However, groups of tested astrologers have been known to accept challenges where they are asked to match birth charts to self-descriptions given in Myers-Briggs psychological personality tests. The unwary test subjects were doomed to failure.

For instance, if a woman is asked to psychologically rate herself on a scale of 1-10 on how “feminine” she is, then how can an astrologer select her chart correctly?
The woman thinks feminine means cooking whilst surrounded by toddlers; and the astrologer might thing it means Wonder Woman is spandex. Because no mutually agreed interpretation of “feminine” is first established, we cannot expect the astrologer to find her chart.

3) A third research mistake is to say “Let’s study Sun Signs of Athletes!” (or Musicians, or Police, or whatever field); without designating what kind of athlete (or musician, etc.)! 

For instance, a sprinter is quite a different creature then a gymnast or weight lifter. This was the precise error made by the famed researchers Michel and Francoise Gauquelin who determined that Sun Signs had no value in vocational tests! I found just the opposite was true, once this error is corrected.
Solution: Create samples from exact type, e.g. Athletes/male/ gymnasts.

This is not a research paper, but written to provide direction and interest... so pardons are made for the general information provided. Those who want references are free to call me.

Here is a research design that I’ve been found to consistently work in establishing Sun Sign significance. Select your field, then the sub-field. Obtain a complete sample, or at least 100 data points (birth dates). I settled on Football/Coaches and Baseball/ Coaches. It was possible to obtain a very fine sample inclusive of most of the famous coaches in history. Curiously, statistical significance was achieved for the sign Aquarius in both samples!

Next, I took “Music”, selected genre “Jazz”, and broke my sample down by instrument. Why would I do this? Jazz musicians may have different Sun Sign dominance then, say, Bluegrass musicians. Then again, brass is very different from percussion or keyboards. Once I was this exact, statistical significance for Sun Signs was achieved for almost every category! For the curious, Gemini and Aquarius significantly topped the births for Jazz musicians. Sixty percent of great jazz band leaders were Leo! (Who knew?) Virgo was statistically significant for base players (a background, support instrument, etc. 

Another method is to take TWO fields that are related. I tried Nursing +Administrators. I pulled every nursing administrator that could be found in “Who’s Who” that year, and achieved approximately sixty percent Virgo! It is of greater interest now that the two women who won Nobel prizes for their social work were both Virgos, born two days apart: Jane Adams and Mother Theresa.

One can show astrology “works” in the following ways: Hand a seasoned, experienced medical astrologer a stack of accurate birth charts of folks that died by a specific type of heart attack, or stroke, with a history of high blood pressure, with date of death. An alternate set of charts would be provided of people who passed peacefully and never had a stroke, or high blood pressure or heart attacks; with date of death.
Birth times must be birth certificate, and doctors must sign each case history. Astrologers examine the charts and death date and sort their determinations.

All birth data and histories would be opened in front of two doctors who would sign each data entry. I propose a qualified astrologer would be able to sort the charts correctly at 75-90% accuracy. Of course, it’s essential to have the research hypothesis detailed before onset of data gathering, and notarized! If not, results can be challenged.

There are many designs I’ve worked up, but the above example gives a start for those who wish to carry on this thankless work! It would be a fine day when the western world accept that planets, signs, houses, etc. affect us in mysterious ways. But as Arthur Young, the great physicist (and tinkerer with astrologer) reminded me about my ambitious dream during our current era “You can win a battle but not the war.”

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