Renaissance Medicine Conference

The Lost Secrets of Renaissance Medicine Conference


Medical Astrology and Herbs Conference 2017

Mark your calendars!  THE LOST SECRETS OF RENAISSANCE MEDICINE: Herbs, Medical Astrology, Alchemy will return to Portland, Oregon the weekend of August 12-13, 2017.

2017 Speakers

  • Kira Sutherland, BHSc (astrology-naturopathy)
  • Judith Hill (astrology-herbology)
  • Sajah Popham (alchemy-herbology)
  • Marcus Romano (astrology)

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DOORS OPEN AT 9:15AM SATURDAY for tickets AUG 11 at 4312, SE Stark Street, (Friend’s Center); cash or PayPal.

Or pre-register online now!

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REFUNDS: Full refund (minus Paypal surcharges both ways) will be made if your request is made before August 7th (one full week in advance of conference opening.) No refund is available after August 7th if we are sold out and have turned away persons who would have taken your seat. However, if we have not sold out at the time you cancel, a three quarters refund (minus surcharges) will be available. Chances are good that we will sell out, so be sure to request a refund as early as possible and also check Facebook for persons seeking tickets after sell out.

TICKET SEEKERS: Last year after sell-out, last minute cancellers were quickly able to sell their tickets to new attendees on Facebook. Please check Facebook for posting of tickets-for-sale, and news of sell-out.


  1. To revisit and examine the medical paradigms and treatment techniques of ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Europe.
  2. To discover the ideological "babies" of medicine tossed out with the bath water with the 18th century's wholesale changeover to our current western biochemical model of medicine.
  3. To compare indigenous and traditional European medical paradigms with those of Native America, India and China.
  4. To reconsider the validity of three traditional etiologies no longer acceptable to modern medicine: supernatural, astralic (from astrological influence), and karmic.
  5. To examine the evolution of Homo-centrism and its impact on modern western medical ideologies and treatment; environmental concepts, animal welfare.
  6. To encourage communication, respect and affection for living plants and animals.


We have selected a new lovely, clean and treelined venue with cafes within walking distance, and are designing an amazing line up of talks for this season.

The Multnomah Friend's Meeting House at 4312 SE Stark, Portland, OR  97215 (map)

Doors open at 8:45 am on Saturday, August 12 

Attendees are requested by neighborhood ordinances to use the free parking lot (rented for you) at the Mazamas: around the corner from our venue at  427 SE 43rd Avenue.

Public transportation is also encouraged.

Sunday - Herb Walk 11am-1:15pm (weather permitting). See program for location details near Mt. Tabor. We return to The Multnomah Friend's Meeting House at 4312 SE Stark at 3:00pm for the rest of the program.


The producer and speakers of this conference are not encouraging attendees of this conference to practice ancient medical techniques, or to engage in unauthorized medicine. We are not responsible for misuse of this information outside of its intended use, i.e., historic interest, academic research and wonderment. Producer and teachers are not responsible for lost or stolen items, unforeseen incidences or accidents occurring at the conference or within the conference site, or the behavior of individual attendees. We are obligated to maintain a harmonious and orderly event.  Please attend to your valuables and observe the basic rules outlined by the rented venue and stated at conference opening, and above under “Nos.”  


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Produced by Judith Hill and The Renaissance School of Practical Astrology

This is the original conference, "accept no imitations".