Astrological Services

Astrological Services

Format: Readings are available by phone (tape cassette optional); or by tape cassette.

My Style: Each one hour reading is preceded by two hours of calculation and research time. This means you obtain the highest quality astrological reading available anywhere.

You will receive a beautiful hand drawn copy of your chart. This is important. Reading from “cold” computer print-outs is psychically like trying to pet a cat with gloves on!

I read in plain English, never in “psychobabble”. My tendency is to be forthright, practical and sensitive to your current emotional state and individual needs.

Your reading will largely be in the “Classical Western” style, with a minor incorporation of Vedic methods. Most questions and concerns can be addressed. You will need an accurate birth time.

Calendar: Depending on my schedule and time of year, your expected wait varies between two weeks and three months. I work very carefully.

Available Readings

Vocational, Natal, Transit, Medical, Couples, Fertility, Job Charts, Real Estate, Special Timing Charts, Gem Selection, Location

"And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day and the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years."
Genesis 1:14

Vocational Readings

Fee: $225*
Judith is the author of Vocational Astrology - the winner of the American Federation of Astrologers Paul R. Grell award for “Best Book 1999, for A.F.A. Inc. Publications.”


Standard vocational testing shares with astrology the ability to define your natural aptitudes. However, standard testing cannot foretell if you will be lucky, happy or even financially successful within the chosen field! Neither can it indicate exactly where you are within your career time cycle and therefore is powerless to answer questions of time such as: how far are you from your peak?; when is the best time to start school?, when will my business blossom? etc. Vocational Astrology is unique in it’s ability to see the whole picture of talent, happiness,  success and timing.

Job Offer Charts

Fee: $75*
Charts can be calculated for the moment of receiving a job offer. This will allow you to know the true nature of the job; provide you with pertinent information about the people and company involved; what awaits you there; and answer the questions of: "Will I prosper in the new position?"

*If you are simultaneously receiving several offers, call me and I will give you a special rate.  Your answer will be received by email.

Natal Readings

Fee: $250*
The study of your birth map can reveal your strengths, weaknesses, character, karmic indicators and general life patterns. This is the basic analysis of the birth chart from both practical and spiritual viewpoints. Ideal for newborns and youth, this reading is also extremely useful for persons interested in gaining a deeper understanding of themselves and their life lessons.

Yearly Update Readings

Fee: $210* (90 min)
This is your basic “now and near future” reading. We look at where you are in your life cycle for most of your current concerns. This reading extends for twelve months from the reading date, except for special concerns that may require a longer look into time.

My approach: The planetary energies are viewed as “weather”. A good astrologer can predict the planetary weather, where it will be in your life, and for how long. You are viewed as “the farmer”. You work with the weather, and are responsible for your choices of activity and attitude. Knowing when to planet what tree, or to refrain, can be a marvelous assistance in life!

Medical Astrology

This Reading Includes Medical Astrology questions and Surgery Dates

Fee: $250*
The Planetary Health Chart can assist a physician detect the exact location, nature, onset and duration of a mysterious problem.

Medical astrology is very ancient. We know it was practiced in the Greek era, and was a requisite to obtaining a physician's license in the Medieval and Renaissance periods. This inestimably useful branch of astrology has continued underground amongst "renegade" physicians in the west up to our present era, and has always been a mainstay in India and Tibet.

Fertility Enhancement

Fee: $350*
Judith Hill uses the conception enhancing lunar phase method designed by Dr. Eugene Jonas in combination with her own cosmobiological techniques. Dr. Jonas directed the Astra-Nitra fertility and birth control clinic in Nitra, Czechoslavakia where his methods were practiced with 83% success rate for thousands of women for many years. Gender preference of child can also be enhanced by these methods, as much as 80% according to the Czech clinic (again, seconded by Judith's experience). Dr. Kurt Rechnitz, head of the Womens Clinic in Budapest, replicated Jonas' results with 87% success rate for sex predetermination.

Compatibility, Selection, and Special Timing Readings

Fee: $50-250*
Select employees, mates, tenants, jobs, adopted children, horses, dogs, cats, sperm donors, surgeons, real estate agents with the help of the stars. The planetary patterns reveal harmonies and disharmonies between you and your potential mate or “selectee”.  

*Fees: These vary per commission related to the number of selections, (and thus charts) required. Please call to discuss your unique project.

Relationship and Marriage Compatibility

Fee: $199* (one person) $300* (two people)
This reading enables you to better understand the interactions between yourself and your significant others. Each planet reflects a part of your being (we are complex creatures!).

Find out how you work with your mate or child on many levels of being. We will study the following compatibilities: Spiritual, Emotional, Communicative, Intellectual, Chemical, Vocational, Social, Energy, Family and much more.

Date Selection for Important Life Events

Fees: Vary* $30=$200. Marriage: $300
Business Openings: $300
Surgery: $250 My specialty. See Medical Astrology.

Additional projects that traditionally benefit from excellent timing: Lawsuits; parties; mailings; interviews; submissions; court dates; induced births;travel; plane flights; visiting the parents; large purchases; turning on important equipment; publishing dates; haircuts; farming; pest control; house starts (the foundation stone).

Location Astrology

Fees: $50-$350* Relocating or desire information about where you currently live? Compare two cities or scan the globe!

*Fees vary according to the complexity of your special request).
Judith uses both "astrocartography" and "local space" charting methods.

Real Estate Astrology

Fee:  $75-150

Need to know if that house you are thinking of purchasing is a good idea? I can calculate a “Threshold Chart” for the exact time you first walk through the door. This chart will provide you with pertinent information on the soundness of the property;the seller; the deal; hidden problems; equity appreciation.

Gem Stone Prescriptions

Fee: $150
Traditional gemstone prescriptions are used to improve a wide array of personal concerns represented as planetary deficiencies in your birth chart. Judith is a long time practitioner of "Upaye" - the ancient system of gem remedies applied in the Indian Jyotish system of astrology. Gem prescription is very personal, depending on the unique placement and alignment of the planets at your birth. Success, health and fortune often improve with the wearing of the appropriate gem. No guarantees are given, as results vary. Judith works with the best Vedic jewelers who will create your special commission according to her specifications.   

Illustrated Birth Charts

Fee: $350.
Judith Hill is an excellent illustrator. She has professionally illustrated several books in the old, elegant line art style reminiscent of the art seen in the old British children's classics. She will illustrate your birth chart with your unique planetary themes. A unique gift!